hey Fuzzies,
wanted to update everyone on progress of our new cd we have been recording. As of now we have 7 songs tracked with 6 more to go.
We are planning on knocking out all basic tracks (drums/bass/guitar) by next week giving us a total of 13 brand new "Fuzzy tunes".
Next step will most likely be guitar overdubs along with all the vocals and harmonies (which we love to do).
This will take place during the holidays, so we are looking at an early 2014 release as of now.
The band is very excited about the new material and we are itching for you guys to hear it.
In other news, The Fall video has been shot and is still in the process of being edited, We are hoping to have it out before this year is up so stay tuned for that.
That's what's up for now brothers and sisters
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cheers mates

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